A prospectus
A child of poverty of an elementary school such as a few mountains races of Thai north Chiang Mai prefecture is hygienic, and it is received education with healthy environment. And I help you for human rights protection.
Omkoi scholarship is the fund that began with the Thai northern part / village of Omkoi district Karen by volunteer activity of a chief priest Sompong Khamchiwong of Wat thung Khawtok temple. It is a small organization of the private enterprise where clothing and school things of a child and contribution and a scholarship of life support supplies are active to an elementary school of a village of mountains minority race (mainly, Karen).
I take out a private scholarship to a child of mountains race and a child of poverty.

What is Karen?

We recruit education foster parents!!

We visit the actual place to offer healthy environment to a child and contribute a donation and supplies and plan interchange with children and local school teacher and inhabitants.
A volunteer from Japan
The first // December, 2002
Chiang Mai prefecture Nonmongter village elementary school

The second // December, 2003
Chiang Mai prefecture Omkoi county Thungtien village elementary school (a night), Yang phao village elementary school

The third // August, 2004
We handed Principal Dara of a Tungtien elementary school a donation and jeans and a cake

The fourth // from 19 to 21 on November in 2004
Omkoi county Tungyien village elementary school (a night), Uhtung village elementary school, Narkiang village elementary school

The fifth // February 6, 2005
Pharasing village nearly Thai northern end Mai Ai(a volunteer corps of Chiang Mai office visits you)

The sixth // March 24, 2005
We visit a temple (an education scholarship student at a temple) of San Sai